After being the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh for 15 months, Kamal Nath has announced his resignation from his post on Friday. After hearing for two days, the Supreme Court has ordered the Kamal Nath government to test the floor till 5 pm on Friday. But Kamal Nath resigned from his post even before the floor test. The court, while giving the verdict on Thursday, said that the session of Madhya Pradesh Assembly should be called again and the Kamal Nath government should get a majority at 5 pm on Friday. Although the agenda of the assembly was not released till one o’clock in the night, in this political drama, Leader of Opposition Gopal Bhargava reached the assembly late at night and kept a copy of his letter and decision on the Speaker’s desk.

Addressing the press conference on Friday, Kamal Nath said, the public had given a chance of five years so that the state could be brought to the right path. Become its new identity. Compare Madhya Pradesh with big states. BJP got 15 years and I got 15 months. During these 15 months, the people of the state have witnessed that the work done by me. You know that when the government was formed, it started a conspiracy from the very first day.

He also said that today our 22 MLAs were held hostage in Karnataka. The game was played after spending crores of rupees. A Maharaj and BJP have killed the democratic values of the country. The public will not forgive greed and rebels who cheat the public of Madhya Pradesh. Many times we have proved a majority in the assembly. CM Kamal Nath said, I have been betrayed. The people of Madhya Pradesh have been betrayed. In 15 months, we waived the loan of farmers. BJP has cheated farmers by conspiring with our government.

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