Pollution in Delhi – BJP deliberately lit firecrackers: AAP Minister


Aam Aadmi Party minister Gopal Rai has blamed BJP for bursting of firecrackers despite the ban in Delhi. He has said that ‘a large number of people did not burn firecrackers, but some people burnt firecrackers for a purpose and this was done by BJP’. He clearly accused the BJP of instigating them to burst crackers.

A day after Diwali, the air quality (AQI) in parts of Delhi deteriorated to the ‘hazardous’ category on Friday. A blanket of haze enveloped the national capital on Friday. The AQI remained around 451 in most areas.

An AQI between 201 and 300 is considered ‘poor’, between 301 and 400 as ‘very poor’ and between 401 and 500 as ‘severe’. The AQI measures particulates of ‘PM 2.5’, ‘PM 10’, sulfur dioxide and other pollutants present in the air. PM i.e. particulate matter is very small particles present in the atmosphere which you cannot see with ordinary eyes.

The air quality in Janpath was recorded in the ‘hazardous’ category in the early hours of Friday, with PM 2.5 content at 655.07. Several people in the national capital complained of a burning sensation in the throat and watery eyes.

Firecrackers were burst on Diwali at many places in Delhi in complete defiance of the government’s ban. The burning of stubble also had a huge impact on pollution. According to SAFAR, the air quality forecasting agency of the Ministry of Earth Sciences, stubble burning accounted for 36 per cent of Delhi’s PM 2.5 levels on Friday, which is the highest this season.

Delhi Environment Minister Gopal Rai also said, “Delhi recorded the lowest level of pollution in October this year as compared to the last five years. But for the last 3 days the pollution level is increasing due to bursting of firecrackers and stubble burning. However, it is less than the previous years.’

He also held 3,500 stubble burning cases responsible for severe air pollution in the city.

According to the Central Pollution Control Board data, the PM 2.5 level at Anand Vihar station was 466 till 8 pm. At Burari crossing (Haryana border) it was 500. At Chandi Chowk it was 358, on Mandir Marg it was 466. By 10 pm it had reached 500 at these places.

On November 15, a day after Diwali last year, the air quality i.e. AQI was recorded at 461 at ITO and 461 at Anand Vihar. Earlier, the AQI was recorded at 414 in the city on the day of Diwali.

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