CAA NRC Protest Shaheen Bagh: Protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) implemented by the Central Government and the proposed National Register of Citizenship (NRC) have been on display in Shaheen Bagh, Delhi for more than one and a half months. People have blocked the main road. Protests are being organized against the government by putting tents on the streets. Now the Supreme Court has raised a strong objection to this matter. The court said that how can anyone close public roads. The court said, “This protest has been happening for a long time. How can you block a public road? ”

The Supreme Court issued notices to the Center, Delhi government and police on petitions requesting the removal of protesters from Shaheen Bagh. The court said, “Protesters in Shaheen Bagh cannot close the road and cause inconvenience to others. People have the right to protest but they have to protest in the designated area only. ”

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