Changing the way of war, India also adopted a special strategy to win over the enemy: Army Chief


Chief of Army Staff General MM Narwane, referring to the Balakot air strike, said that India is focusing on providing such a powerful response to its enemies, in which tensions do not always result in formal war conditions. He also referred to China in this order and said that the way China dominance in the South China Sea is increasing, it shows that even a single shot can be achieved. He said that today the pattern of war is changing, in which strategic understanding has become important. It is no longer a battle to fight with tanks and fighters.

Message to Pakistan
Narwane was speaking at a conference organized here about the ground war, when he said, “Balakot AirStrike has told that if you are skillful, then not necessarily increased tension always turns into war.” This statement of the army chief is being seen as a big message for Pakistan. He also said that India is adopting a strategy to respond in such an effective manner, apart from strengthening the traditional valor on its border with Pakistan in the west and China in the north, which formally results in war.

Referring to China
During this referring to the increasing interference of China in the South China Sea, he said that Beijing strategy shows how retaliation can be taken without securing a single shot. He said, “China dominance in the South China Sea shows that even small steps can be achieved without firing a single shot or provoking retaliation.” During this period, Narwane also referred to the terrorist organization Islamic State (IS) and how it is using social media to create havoc around the world.

This statement of the Balakot AirStrike army chief is being seen as a big message for Pakistan, whose leaders do not desist from threatening war on the day they arrive. After the Pulwama attack on February 14, 2019, when the Indian Air Force took an air strike in Balakot, Pakistan on 26 February 2019, targeting the Jaish-e-Mohammed hideout, the next day on 27 February 2019, Pakistani aircraft also launched Indian There was an attempt to infiltrate the airspace. But the Indian Air Force reacted strongly to it and killed its aircraft.

Abhinandan current repatriation
During this time, however, Abhinandan, a wing commander of the Indian Air Force, went to the occupied territory of present-day Pakistan, from where he was detained by the Pakistan Army. At that time, tensions between India and Pakistan had increased so much that everyone was apprehensive of war. The Pakistani leaders also gave India the fervor of war, but India pursued a strategy to defeat Pakistan by advancing diplomatically, the result of which Wing Commander Abhinandan returned home from India on March 1, 2019, leaving Pakistan in captivity. In this way, India had defeated Pakistan during that period of tension without fighting a formal war.

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