Monday was a pleasant day for Delhi amid fear of Corona virus. In the last 24 hours, there were no new cases of corona in the capital, while 16 cases were reported in its first three days. In such a situation, the chain of corona virus infection was seen breaking on Monday. However, the risk of infection still remains. The next few days are extremely important. That’s why doctors are advising people to stay indoors so that the risk of infection decreases.

According to the latest report of the Delhi government health department, there have been a total of 30 cases in the capital Delhi so far. Between 20 and 22 March, there were 16 cases in three days. Five of these patients have recovered and returned to their homes. At the same time, a patient died in the previous days.

According to the information received at present, 11 patients are admitted in Safdarjung Hospital. 6 are admitted in Loknayak Hospital, 5 in Rajiv Gandhi Super Specialty Hospital and one patient in GTB.

According to the information received, a corona patient from Saket, South Delhi, has fled to Singapore. Apart from this, 117 suspected patients are admitted in various hospitals. 1,067 people in government quarantines 1,067 people from abroad have been kept in government quarantines.

With this, 1,302 passengers from Corona affected countries were screened on Monday. So far, two lakh nine thousand five hundred 67 passengers have been screened here.

Significantly, more than 190 countries, including China, Iran, Italy, and the US have been caught by the Corona virus, which has killed more than 10,000 people and infected millions.

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