Corona virus can cause kidney failure, know how this deadly virus spreads


After the introduction of Corona virus in India, many consultations are being given by the government and experts. While this infectious disease can become a life-threatening disaster, there is also a risk of kidney failure. Since it is spreading rapidly, it is necessary to know how it spreads and what can happen from it. This information can also prove effective in prevention, because no medicine has been revealed so far for the treatment of this disease and in such a situation, rescue is being described as treatment.

What can happen with the corona virus?
While the initial symptoms of corona virus include a cold-cough, common cold, fever, sneezing, difficulty in breathing, it can cause severe heart injury and kidney failure. This infection also attacks the respiratory system immediately, which can further aggravate the problems of people suffering from asthma or other respiratory diseases. Amidst the growing havoc of the corona virus in China, many symptoms of pneumonia have already been reported. In such a situation, people with respiratory diseases and those suffering from heart disease or diabetes also need to take special precautions, which can increase their difficulties

How does this virus spread?
The cause of which corona virus spread in China is not yet clear, but being told, it spread from the Wuhan-based cattle market in China, where a large number of people have come to buy different kinds of animals. . So far it has not been clear what caused this deadly virus, but it is clear how fast it is spreading from one infected person to another. It spreads through the air as well as touching each other.

This information is important about this:

  • The corona virus is spread to other humans by coughing, sneezing in the open air.
  • The virus gets into the air by sneezing or coughing in the open air of an infected person, which is spread to another healthy person by breathing.
  • This virus also infects a healthy person even if it comes in person contact with any infected person. In other words, it spreads by shaking hands with the infected person, touching it or coming in contact with it in any other way.
  • Touching any object or surface can also infect people, to which the infected person has come in contact.
  • Washing hands with soap and clean water is necessary after contact with an infected person, object, or surface. If someone touches his nose, mouth or eyes without cleaning his hands, he can get hit by it.
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