Coronavirus: Will a person become impotent after taking Corona vaccine, know what DCGI said


A great news for India, which is fighting the war against the Corona virus, came on Sunday. The Drug Controller General of India on Sunday approved the emergency use of the Corona Virus Vaccine – Covishield and the India Biotech Covaxin. Oxford’s Corona vaccine is more than 70 percent effective against Covid-19, while how effective the biotech of India Biotech is, not yet publicized and the vaccine is still in the third phase of the human trial.

At the same time, there were rumors about the corona virus vaccine initially that after taking this vaccine can make a person impotent. On Sunday, when DCGI VG Somani questioned this, he called such rumors completely nonsense.

VG Somani of DCGI said, “If there was any doubt about safety, we would never approve it. Vaccines are 110% safe. Some side effects like mild fever, pain and allergies are common for every vaccine. People with this vaccine Can be impotent, this is utter nonsense. “

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