Covid-19 Vaccine: How much India is ready, 60 foreign guests will come to test


Covid-19 Vaccine: Representatives from 60 countries will visit Hyderabad-based India Biotech Company and Biological E among all the exercises being done to make Corona’s vaccine. Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited companies and institutions related to the development of vaccine in the past. During this time, he said that India’s vaccine production and distribution capacity would be used to fight this crisis and help humanity. Sources say that other countries have also shown considerable interest in India’s vaccine development efforts. Now in the same sequence, this visit of foreign guests is being organized in the light of the press conference held by the Ministry of External Affairs on November 6 last month.

Under this, representatives of 60 countries will visit Bharat Biotech and Biological E based in Hyderabad on 9 December. This is the first-of-its-kind visit in this sequence and after that visits will also be organized to take stock of the vaccine facilities set up in other cities.

Six Vaccine in clinical trials in the country

The Ministry of Health stated that the Serum Institute of India and Bharat Biotech have applied for permission for emergency use of the vaccine. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has met all the vaccine manufacturers and scientists. Six potential vaccines in India are in the clinical trial phase.

Regarding the vaccination process for the corona, the Union Health Ministry said that it is not the responsibility of only one state or center, it is very important to have public participation in it. Rajesh Bhushan said that some potential vaccines in the country may be registered in the coming weeks.

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