Deadline for FASTag extended, now compulsory to be imposed after February 15


New Delhi: The Ministry of Transport has extended the date for implementation of Fastag. Now 100 percent Fastag based toll collection will be implemented after 15 February 2021 at toll plazas in the country. The Central Government is appealing to the people to use Fastag to promote digital toll transactions in the country. In a new order, the ministry has exempted cash transactions at all toll plazas till 15 February 2021. Explain that 100 percent Fastag toll collection was to be implemented in the country from 1 January 2021. However, in view of the problems faced by the Corona epidemic, the government has decided to extend the date of its implementation.

Currently, Fastag accounts for 75 percent of the toll collection. The Central Government has made it mandatory for registration of new four wheelers to be fastened with effect from 1 January 2020.

As per the current central government strategy, the national highway and expressway are being digitized at a very fast pace. The Central Government ambitious road projects also include electronic toll collection. In this project all the toll plazas of the country are being 100 percent cashless.

Dedicated fastag lanes have also been constructed at all toll plazas in the country. Fastag is a digital sticker mounted on a glass of vehicles. It works on radio frequency identification technology. When trains pass through the toll plaza, toll tax is paid automatically from the bank or prepaid account associated with Fastag.

This does not require the trains to stop at the toll plaza and pay toll, which saves time as well as reduces pollution. After the implementation of 100 percent toll collection, trains will not stop at the toll plaza.

The issuance of FASTAG has been assigned to banks and point-of-sale centers. Fastag can also be purchased from the transport office. To take Fastag, you will have to provide KYC and vehicle registration certificate. Fastag can also be purchased online on Amazon and Paytm.

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