Arvind Kejriwal arrived at the polling station to cast his vote with his family. The Chief Minister is getting a lot of criticism for a tweet made before voting. Now Union Minister Smriti Irani has described the Chief Minister as ‘anti-women’.

Smriti Irani tweeted, ‘Don’t you think women are so capable that they themselves can decide who to vote for? #Women’s anti-Kejriwal. ‘ Kejriwal responded to the Union Minister and tweeted, ‘Smriti ji, the women of Delhi have decided who to vote for, and this time in Delhi, the women have decided their family’s vote.
After all, they only have to manage the house. After this, Smriti Irani replied on this tweet and wrote, ‘How many men are you giving advice to women, by tweeting how many men have you given such advice ??’

Arvind Kejriwal while giving a clarification on Smriti Irani’s stance, said, ‘I meant to say that women know how the house runs. I also wrote that women should take the men of the house to get votes. Discuss with them. On Manoj Tiwari’s accusation of defiling the temple, he said, ‘My shoes are such that they don’t have to take off their hands. How can the temple be defiled by my departure? God bless the BJP leaders.


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