Poet and leader Kumar Vishwas had tweeted after voting in the Delhi elections, “The Delhi that had raised hopes of alternative politics across the country, today, such a low turnout in the same Delhi proves that the political discourse that tarnishes public hopes Is alienated! Think New Delhi seat was the least voted out of the seventy seats. ”But after the overwhelming Aam Aadmi Party meeting, he did not even congratulate Arvind Kejriwal. Social media users are trolling him for his behavior. One user wrote that Kejriwal would have congratulated Ji as a human being.

In fact, on the effect of Hug Day, Kumar Vishwas tweeted, “Look at the shoulder of distant earth, the sky is bent. Outside the circle of soft arms, the noise of the world has stopped ..!

During the election campaign, Kumar Vishwas had targeted the Aam Aadmi Party in another tweet. He wrote, Delhi people are the time to wash the stigma of the last 5 years. It is time to demolish the evil intent of the elitist elves who kill the society, the nation, the hopes, the army, the friendship and the trust with the injury. Get out of the houses, tell me that if you can make them, then you can also eradicate the infirmities.

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