Farmers Protest: Farmers Organization ready to talk with the government on December 29, laid down these four conditions


New Delhi: Farmer’s organizations agitating against the three new agricultural laws of the central government have decided to negotiate with the government. Farmers organizations have proposed the next round of talks with the government on December 29 at 11 am. However, the farmers organizations have also put four conditions before the government regarding the negotiations.

What is the terms of farmer organizations

  1. The first condition of farmers is that the government cancel all three new agricultural laws.
  2. The second condition is the legal guarantee of MSP (Minimum Support Price).
  3. The third condition demands a change in the electricity bill draft
  4. The fourth condition is to exclude farmers from the stale law.

Explain that the demonstration of farmer organizations has been going on in different borders of Delhi for more than a month. Saturday, 26 December was the 31st day of the movement. Now it has to be seen how the government reacts to the farmers’ proposal. Tell that the government has already made it clear that the laws will not be repealed, but the farmers’ organizations have put the first condition for the cancellation of the laws.

The decision was taken at a meeting of the Samyukta Kisan Morcha, the main organization of 40 farmer unions that are demonstrating agricultural laws. Farmer leaders while addressing the press conference made it clear that the issue of guarantee for minimum support price (MSP) should be included in the agenda of negotiation with the government along with the modalities to repeal the three agricultural laws.

On 23 December, the farmer’s organizations rejected the proposal of the first communication sent by the government, saying that the negotiations will be considered only after some concrete proposals from the government. After this, on 24 December, the government invited the farmers’ organizations to negotiate again. In the letter sent to the farmers’ organizations, the government asked them to tell the date and time of the talks.

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