Good News! LPG cylinder cheaper, price reduced by Rs 53


Subsidized domestic cooking gas LPG cylinder became cheaper from Monday. Its price has been reduced by 53 rupees. This information has been obtained from the notifications issued by the government oil companies. It has also been said in the notification that apart from LPG, the price of jet fuel i.e. ATF has been cut by 10 percent. Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF) prices have dropped for the second time in a row. The reason for this is the fall in international oil prices due to Corona virus.

The price of subsidized cooking gas (LPG) in Delhi has been reduced from Rs 858.50 to Rs 805.50 per 14.2 kg cylinder. Domestic LPG consumers get 12 cylinders of 14.2 kg a year on subsidy. After this, additional cylinders are available without subsidy. The price of ATF in Delhi has been reduced by Rs 6,590.62 per kl or 10.3 per cent to Rs 56,859.01 per kl. Earlier, its price had decreased to 874.13 per kiloliter and came into effect from February 1.

LPG of commercial use also became cheaper
Prices for 19 kg LPG cylinders used in commercial establishments have also come down. It has been said in the notification that their price has come down from Rs 1466 to Rs 1,381.50.

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