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Is Police action on Jamia students acceptable?


On Monday, February 10, when the students of Delhi’s Jamia Millia Islamia were going to march till Parliament, they were stopped near the Holy Family. During this time there were reports of injuries to many students, but it was not clear from the top that the sticks had gone. It was seen in the video that the students wanted to go beyond the barricade and the police wanted to stop them. In the last barricades that were held near the Holy Family, nothing appears from the top that the sticks were being charged. The police kept on saying that there were minor injuries due to mutual fights. No one has suffered serious injuries. But the story looks different in this video. Here the sticks seem to move, but instead of hitting from above, it looks like pricking. Students say that many have not suffered minor injuries. There is a serious injury and this injury is internal. The students look like unconscious, but there are no bruises outside. They say that the private parts have been hurt. The wound is not outside but there is a deep impact inside.
The condition of the students looks somewhat serious in the pictures. The Jamia administration official also said that there were minor injuries. The police also rejected the media report that day and said that action has been taken in a professional manner. The police has taken care of everyone’s safety, but the girls had complained that the women police removed the burqa and hit it with sticks. Someone said that a stick was stabbed on the chest. Sticks were stabbed in the stomach. On February 10, more than a hundred students were injured in the hospital. 55 of them were admitted to Ansari Health Center. From there, 12 were admitted to Al Shifa Hospital, whose condition was poor. On the same night 5 students were also in ICU. There are still five recruits.

If there were minor injuries, then who are those 5 students, who are still being claimed to be admitted in Al Shifa Hospital. Many students have complained of severe breathing problems. All this information was given in the press conference of the Jamia Coordination Committee. One and a half dozen students were present in this press conference, who told their grief.

The Delhi Police denied on February 10 that something like this has happened, after this press conference the Delhi Police is not in favor, but the police should listen to these things carefully. On the other hand, the sexual violence that took place in Gargi College on 6 February, but the students in the college are going on a demonstration inside the college. Since Monday, the students’ protest is going on inside this college. On Monday, the principal came among the students, but the students were not satisfied with any of their answers. He raised many serious questions about security in public. Demonstrations were also held here on Tuesday and Wednesday. The students demand that the Fact Finding Team submit its report by 15 February. In this team, a student and teacher of every department has been kept. This report will show how the incident happened, why it happened and how to prevent it further. The students demand that an Internal Compliance Committee be formed, Where complaints can be made in case of sexual violence. Its members should be elected. Its budget should also be spent. The college verbally agreed but the students want the principal to give written assurance. The performance of the girls will continue till written assurance is not given.

Meanwhile, news has come that Palis’s investigation has revealed that Gargi College had not informed the police that a festival is going on here. Police has investigated 23 CCTV footage installed in the college. Three CCTVs were directed towards Festive. Initial investigation reveals the college’s failure. Delhi University has sought a report from the principal of Gargi College about what action has been taken in connection with the incident. They have also asked the police to take strict action against all those involved in this incident. On February 10, the university has issued an advisory to all principals that adequate steps should be taken to protect all women employees and girl students. The whole country has a complaint with today’s youth, but when they fulfill their democratic responsibility, no one pays attention. It is such a good thing that the youth are becoming sensitive to the issues of others. Fighting for their rights.


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