Due to Coronavirus, ‘Janata curfew’ has been implemented on Sunday across the country. At the same time, in Delhi’s Shaheenbagh, a fight has started between protesters who have been protesting against the Citizenship Amendment Act for almost three months, whether to get off the road or not? Now two groups have formed in Shaheen Bagh, but the strike is going on among all this.

One group of Shaheen Bagh says that they will support PM Modi’s campaign to fight the coronavirus, while the other group says that whatever happens, we will stand on the road. Due to this, there was a fight between the two groups on Saturday. However, the matter was later resolved by convincing both the groups. Currently, the protest is going on in Shaheen Bagh.


Earlier, Delhi Police had a meeting with Shaheenbagh protesters at India Islamic Center on Saturday. Here the Delhi Police had appealed to the people to end the protest in view of the increasing spread of Coronavirus. Several senior officers of Delhi Police including DCP South East were also present in this meeting. On behalf of the protesters, Sirajuddin, President of India Islamic Center, Secretary Badruddin and 7 protesters who performed in Shaheenbagh also participated in this meeting.

Delhi Police has appealed to the protesters that the coronavirus is spreading all over the country, so they should stop the protest. At least the public should not perform on a curfew day. Members of the India Islamic Center also supported the police. On which the protesters of Shaheenbagh present in the meeting said that they will go to the spot and put their point before the people present there. Only then will Shaheen Bagh take a decision on the performance. However, no message has been sent to Delhi Police from Shaheenbagh till now.

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