Lyricist and screenwriter Javed Akhtar is of the opinion that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a ‘fascist’. He said this in an interview to English news channel Al-Jazeera on February 13, 2020. Famous director Mahesh Bhatt was also present with him at that time. Akhtar said that fascist is a thinking. Actually, in the interview, lyricist Akhtar was asked whether he considered Modi a fascist. In response, he said, “Absolutely… they are… I mean that the fascists do not have horns on their heads.” Fascist is a thinking… and to think that ‘we are better than others and whatever problems are there, it is because of these people’.

He further said that the moment you start hating people in bulk… you are a fascist. ”In the same interview, Mahesh Bhatt was asked whether India is Islamophobic? In response, he said that “I think the winds of Islamophobia came after 9/11.” I don’t think the average Indian is afraid of any Muslim. ‘

Bhatt went on to say, ‘I mean, this kind of fear is coined and structured. Day and night media channels are working round the clock. Mahesh Bhatt said that he needed ‘others’ to stay in power and hating Muslims was the BJP’s lifeline.’

Let me tell you that Javed Akhtar has been an outspoken opponent of the amended citizenship law. Taking a dig at the Modi government in recent times, he said that crores of Indians in this country do not know their birthdays, how will they prove their citizenship. He said that from where will the poor Muslims, poor Hindus, Dalits and Adivasis prove their citizenship.

In a conversation with a news channel, he said, “There are crores of people in India who do not know their birth certificate or their own birthday.” Where will the poor Muslims, poor Hindus, Dalits and Adivasis of the country prove their citizenship. Their 10 generations would not have taken any property. Poor people have no place to keep two clothes, where will they handle their documents. ‘


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