National Security Advisor Ajit Doval visited violence-hit Maujpur. During this time, he took stock of the situation. Doval has been entrusted with the responsibility of preventing violence in Delhi.

At the same time, Delhi High Court has given a very strong comment while hearing on delhi violence case. While hearing the case, Justice Muralidhar said that the 1984 riots incident would not be allowed to be repeated while being in the Delhi High Court. In this case PM Modi also tweeted and appealed to the people to maintain peace and brotherhood.


The Prime Minister said that he has made a thorough review of the current situation in the national capital. Modi also said that it is important that peace and normalcy be restored quickly. Prime Minister Modi said in his tweet, “In-depth review of the current situation in different parts of Delhi. Police and other agencies are working to ensure normalcy.” Modi said, “Peace is harmony at the core of our culture. I appeal to the sisters and brothers of Delhi to maintain peace and brotherhood at all times.”

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