On the delay in the Nirbhaya case, the Supreme Court has set a guideline for the death penalty cases. Accordingly, if a High Court confirms a death sentence and the Supreme Court agrees to hear its appeal, then within 6 months the case will be listed for hearing in the bench of three judges, whether the appeal is ready or not .

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The guide line states that after the case is listed for hearing in a three-judge bench, the registry will report it to the court sentencing the death sentence in this regard and within 60 days all the case records will be sent to the Supreme Court, or The time should be decided by the court.

It has been said that if any additional documents or translation of vernacular documents are to be given in this regard, they should also be given. The registry may give 30 days more time for additional documents to the parties. If this process is not completed within the given time, then the matter will not be listed with the registrar but in the judge’s chamber and then the judge will issue the order.

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