Petrol, LPG, Edible Oil Price Inflation will only break the back of common people


The slogan ”महंगाई डायन खाए जात है..’ is now behind the BJP. Before 2014, it was behind the Congress. Does BJP seem to be trying to get rid of this slogan? What do you think by looking at the prices of petrol and diesel to cooking gas and edible oils? Petrol prices have increased for the seventh consecutive day today. Petrol in Delhi has reached Rs 110.04 per liter, while diesel is at Rs 98.42. The LPG cylinder has become Rs 900 and the price of mustard oil is more than Rs 260 per kg. The price of vegetables has disturbed the budget of the kitchen.

Today i.e. on November 3, oil marketing companies have again increased the prices of petrol by 35 paise per liter. Petrol in Delhi has reached Rs 110.04 per liter. Whereas diesel is stable at Rs 98.42. The most expensive petrol in the metropolitan cities of the country is Mumbai at Rs 115.85 per liter and diesel at Rs 106.62 per litre. Congress leader Randeep Surjewala has raised a question on the price hike by tweeting.

He has tried to express in the tweet that when petrol was being given at Rs 71.41 and diesel at Rs 55.49 in May 2014 by buying crude oil at $105.71 per barrel from the international market, why is it so expensive now? Comparing it with 2014, he has said that right now crude oil is $ 85 per barrel in the international market, then why petrol is about 110 rupees and diesel 98 rupees per liter?

Economic affairs expert Professor Santosh Mahrotra also raises questions on the prices of petrol and diesel. In a conversation with senior journalist Alok Joshi in the program of Satya Hindi, Professor Mahrotra says, ‘Inflation is increasing because this is what the government wants. All the policies of the government are pointing in the direction that inflation will increase. He says that the government managed the economy badly, also managed the Corona period badly. He says that the stimulus package that was there was insufficient. He also said that he found a way to deal with these situations in the form of fuel tax. Professor Mahrotra says that in countries like Germany, Italy, Japan, petroleum products are not taxed more than 65 percent, but in India it is being imposed 26 percent and that is why petrol-diesel is so expensive.

Gas Price

Two days ago, the price of commercial gas cylinder has been increased by Rs 266. With this, the cost of a cylinder in Delhi has now gone up to Rs 2000. Earlier in June 2013, this cylinder was priced at Rs 1327. A commercial gas cylinder holds 19 kg of gas.
The cost of LPG cylinder is around Rs 900. Its prices have more than doubled after the Modi government came to power. The price of 14.2 kg LPG cylinder which was Rs 410 in Delhi in March 2014 has now become Rs 899.50.

There has also been a huge jump in the price of edible oil. Just a few months back, there was a report that their prices have increased wildly within a year.

According to government data between 28 May 2020 and 28 May 2021, groundnut oil is more than twenty percent, mustard oil more than forty-four percent, vegetable about forty five percent, soya oil about fifty-three percent, sunflower oil fifty-six percent and palm oil about fifty-four percent. Percent was expensive.

There has been an uproar on social media when the price of mustard oil, the most used of these, has increased. Azadi leader Lalu Yadav has tweeted the picture of two bottles of 1 liter each of mustard oil of the same company. It can be seen that there is a gap of two months in the packaging date and the prices have increased from Rs 235 to Rs 265.

In 2014, mustard oil prices were less than half of the current prices. In 2015, data compiled by the Price Monitoring Cell of the Department of Consumer Affairs showed that its price had increased from Rs 90 per kg in October 2014 to Rs 100 per kg in 2015. That is, it has increased almost three times when compared to the current prices since 2014.

The prices of vegetables have also increased significantly. It is being said that the increase in the price of petrol and diesel has also affected the vegetables. But so far no effort is visible to reduce their prices. There is also a problem that due to Corona, business is also stuck and production is also there. But the demand is increasing instead of decreasing. What steps will the government take to stop the rising prices?

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