Prime Minister Narendra Modi chaired the meeting of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research today. While chairing the meeting of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, PM Modi observed the work done by CSIR. He appreciated the work done by the institution and also gave its suggestions to chart the road map of the future.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi listed 5G, inexpensive and long-lasting batteries for artificial intelligence and renewable energy storage, which are some of the emerging challenges that scientists need to focus on.

Presiding over the meeting of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research of CSIR in New Delhi, the Prime Minister highlighted the need for combining traditional knowledge and modern science to develop world class products. He also spoke about the importance of commercialization of innovations.

During this meeting, the Prime Minister recommended the formation of a group Raipur so that the interest of students in science in the country can be increased. PM Modi also emphasized the need to attract young students to science and strengthen scientific skills in the next generation. PM Modi, during this time, collaborated in research and development projects among Indians working in different parts of the world Deduct enhancement measures easily.


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