PM Narendra Modi will release 18 thousand crores for the farmers of the country, will communicate with the farmers on Christmas


Prime Minister Narendra Modi first sent money to farmers’ accounts in the year 2019 and now they are sending again at a time when thousands of farmers, mostly from Punjab are protesting against agricultural laws. Farmers say that these laws will reduce their income.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will directly transfer Rs 18 thousand crore for the 9 crore farmers of the country under PM Kisan Yojana directly into the bank accounts of the farmers. There will be 2.5 crore farmers of Uttar Pradesh. In addition, on 25 December, Prime Minister Modi will also communicate with farmers. This will be the second time in a span of a week when PM Modi will address the farmers of the country.

Whereas, the government said that agricultural reform laws will give them more freedom in the market and investment in agriculture will increase.

Under the PM Kisan Yojana, the government gives 6 thousand rupees to those making valid enrollments, Rs 2 thousand crore is sent by transferring money directly at an interval of every four months. It was launched for the first time on 24 February 2019.

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