Railways are making preparations at their level to deal with the COVID-19 crisis. These include making masks and sanitizers, etc., to provide their land to shopkeepers of goods required to comply with social distancing rules, to prevent corona in factories and workshops. Possibilities of converting passenger trains into isolation wards are also being considered.

Some measures are being announced by the Railway Board to deal with Corona. On the other hand, zonal general managers and divisional managers have been asked to take decisions on their own. Under this, land near stations in some cities of South India is being made available to local vegetable vendors. So that instead of decorating shops and gathering crowds in one place, they could sit far away and sell vegetables in line to the needy. According to the Railway Ministry, this has been done in Guntakal.

Mask and sanitizer will be produced in closed railway factories

Similarly, preparations have been started to use closed railway factories for the production of masks and sanitizers etc. for use in railways instead of routine activities. Production has also been started in some railway workshops. The Andal Diesel shed of Asansol has prepared 500 liters while the Jodhpur and Ferozepur divisions have developed cheap sanitizers two and a half and a half liters. Apart from this, possibilities of preparing corona test kits are also being searched in rail factories. During the war, stretchers, ventilators and beds have already been produced at the Integral Coach Factory (ICF), Chennai, which built Vande India, and the Jamalpur workshop.

Useless standing passenger trains and their coaches will become Corona isolation ward

Preparations are also being made to convert the useless standing passenger trains and their coaches into the Corona isolation ward. However, according to Railway Board spokesperson Rajesh Vajpayee, no decision has been taken in this matter yet. But the possibilities are open. According to sources, the railways can convert about 20 thousand coaches into isolation wards if needed. Each coach can accommodate two to four people according to four toilets.

Stations and trains are being sanitized

Meanwhile, the railway has launched a campaign to sanitize stations and trains. Videos of some stations including Patna Junction, Ahmedabad, Trivandrum have been shared by the Railway Ministry in this regard. Surface and environment disinfectants approved by WHO and FDA are being sprayed through thermal and cold fogging machines to sanitize.

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