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Drama queen Rakhi Sawant is once again in the news for her Instagram post. However, for the first time, Rakhi Sawant is making headlines not for any of her dramas, but for talking on a serious issue. Actually, Rakhi Sawant is seen talking about the fast spreading corona virus in this new video. Rakhi is telling her fans a solution for prevention of corona virus through video.

The corona virus is rapidly spreading around the world, along with being dangerous. Rakhi Sawant has come forward regarding this disease and is advising fans to help prevent it from spreading. In her video, Rakhi Sawant is urging people not to celebrate Holi festival with water balloons and colors.

Rakhi Sawant says that she has heard that all the balloons and toys of Holi are made in China. Therefore, when they come to India, it may increase the chances of corona virus in the people of our nation. So take care of your health by not celebrating Holi this year.

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Dear All, Please note that CORONA VIRUS is very harmful and dangerous for our life. We request to take this seriously and try to take precautions from this. HOLI festival is coming and most of colour ballons and all products are made of china products. We never know from where this virus will effect us. Request you all to for atleast this year avoid to play HOLI and dont make any arrangement for same at your society or near premises. For 2-3 hrs enjoyment may take somebody life at risk.Please SAVE your Life and people surrounding you. Our premises need to kept clean and take measures to avoid outdoor particle or object or material that can create damage. Please dont make HOLI festival to play with someone LIFE.. ..kindly share this message to create awareness. ???

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Rakhi Sawant also spoke on Delhi violence Rakhi Sawant is giving two main messages to her fans in the Instagram video. The first is that Rakhi Sawant is saying that this year do not play Holi so that people do not fall prey to the corona virus. Also, Rakhi Sawant has attracted the attention of fans on the happenings in Delhi. Rakhi hopes for peace in the capital which is in a warring state, resulting in many deaths and injuries. Rakhi Sawant has prayed for everyone to keep peace on this violence happening in Delhi.

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#facebook #instagram #google I have enjoyed my trip in USA

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Rakhi Sawant wants to end the Corona virus by going to China

Rakhi Sawant has written a long post with this video. Through this Rakhi also asked people to remain safe and spread awareness far and wide. By the way, before this, another video of Rakhi Sawant became very viral. In this, he went to China and assured to return to India by eradicating the corona virus.

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