SC appointed mediators negotiated with protesters in Shaheen Bagh

Senior advocates Sanjay Hegde and Sadhana Ramachandran will negotiate with the protesters


Senior advocates Sanjay Hegde and Sadhana Ramachandran reached today to negotiate with the protesters in Shaheen Bagh as mediators. After talking to the protesters, Sanjay Hegde said, ‘We came here as per the order of the Supreme Court. We hope to talk to everyone. We hope to resolve this matter with the cooperation of all’

Talking to the protesters, Sanjay Hegde said that we have come to hear you. It is very important for you to hear what the Supreme Court has said on the whole matter. After which Sanjay Hegde read the Supreme Court verdict and narrated it to the protesters. Another interlocutor Sadhana Ramachandran has told the protesters that the Supreme Court has supported your right to agitate.

He further said that the SC have sent us, so that we could find a solution after hearing from all of you. We will find a solution and it will become an example for the world. We want to talk to you without media.

But the protesters said that, whatever they want to talk should be in front of the media. Sadhna Ramachandran said that if you want to talk in front of the media, we will not say anything. We will only listen to you. We have until Sunday and we have to find a solution in such a way that the road opens up. Some protesters objected to her statement and “the grandmothers” said that the road would not open until the CAA gets withdrawn.

Earlier, the petition of the protesters against the CAA was heard in the Supreme Court. While hearing the case, the Supreme Court said that we are not saying anything on the protest. Question is, where is this Protest happening? The Supreme Court said that our concern is on demonstration being done on the road, in this case or in any case, the road cannot be blocked.

In response, Shaheen Bagh’s lawyer said that we need some time for this. On this, the court said that if in other cases too, such demonstration is done by blocking the road, then there will be chaos.

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