In fact, the top court last week imposed a fine of Rs five lakh on them, which has now been imposed an additional fine for not paying them. The next hearing on this matter will be held on April 8. Justice NV Ramana has imposed an additional fine of Rs five lakh each on the five states. Several states had also sought waiving of the fine, but the bench refused. The central government has also said that it will file an additional affidavit in the matter.

The Supreme Court found last week that only seven states and union territories had submitted affidavits in the food security and community kitchens case. These states are Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Karnataka, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Jharkhand, Nagaland and Jammu and Kashmir. The bench had then said that if the states give affidavits within 24 hours, they will have to pay only 1 lakh fine, but those who do not do so will have to pay 5 lakh rupees.

The petition said that many children below five years die of hunger and malnutrition daily and this is a violation of various fundamental rights.

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