The country’s foreign exchange reserves rose by $ 3.689 billion in the week ended January 3, reaching a record high of $ 461.157 billion. This information has been given in the RBI data. In the previous week, foreign exchange reserves had increased by $ 2.52 billion to $ 454.948 billion.

According to the Reserve Bank of India data, the foreign exchange reserves have increased due to increase in foreign currency assets in the week under review. Foreign currency assets increased by $ 3.013 billion to $ 427.949 billion.

Gold reserves also increases

During this period, gold reserves also increased by $ 66.6 million to $ 28.058 billion.

The special drawing rights in the International Monetary Fund rose by $ 7 million to $ 1.447 billion during the week under review, while the IMF reserve fund rose $ 3 million to $ 3.703 billion.

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