Coronavirus cases are continuously increasing in India. After the fourth death in the country due to Coronavirus, the government has now stopped the landing of international flights. This restriction on the landing of international flights will be effective from 22 March. The ban imposed by the government will be effective for a week from 22 March. Also, people over 65 years and children below 10 years have been instructed to stay in the house. Although medical staff and government employees have been exempted from this, the state governments were asked to a private company to apply for work from home, so that employees do not come to the office and work from home. Apart from this, the discounts on railways and aircraft have been abolished, so that people travel only in case of emergency and the risk of corona outbreak is reduced.

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Significantly, the government had canceled the visas given to foreign nationals as a precautionary measure. In the order issued on March 12, the visa issued to all foreign nationals till April 15 was canceled. However, this order gave relief to government officials on UN officials, diplomats, employment, project visas. A few days after this, the government, in another decision, also prohibited the entry of Indian passport holders from Turkey, Britain and European countries. Despite all the precautionary steps taken by the government, the coronavirus cases have increased rapidly in the last few days. So far 178 people have been confirmed to be infected with Coronavirus in the country. Four people have died due to this. The fourth death due to Coronavirus has occurred in Punjab. In view of the danger of coronavirus, Section 144 has been implemented in many cities. At the same time, the Human Resource Development Ministry has banned any kind of examination for the next 10 days.

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