Wife killed by hammer because she refused to make tea, Bombay High Court said: wife is not a slave


The Bombay High Court has said in an important judgment that a wife is not a slave or an object. If she refuses to make tea for her husband, then she cannot be considered to be an abuser for beating. With this remark, the High Court has upheld the lower court’s decision to convict a 35-year-old man in the murder of his wife.

The Bombay High Court said that the statement of the couple’s six-year-old daughter is trustworthy. The court upheld the 10-year sentence awarded to Santosh Akhtar (35) by the lower court in 2016. Akhtar has been convicted of culpable homicide. In December 2013, Akhtar’s wife was talking about going out without making tea for him, after which Akhtar hit her head with a hammer and she was seriously injured.

According to the detailed information of the case and the statement of the couple’s daughter, Akhtar cleaned the blood from the spot and bathed the wife and admitted her to the hospital. The woman died after being hospitalized for about a week.

The court said that due to the social conditions of women, they entrust themselves to their husbands. He said that in such cases, men start thinking of themselves as superior and their wives as slaves

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