Fast bowler Bhuvneshwar Kumar bowled Pakistan Mohammad Hafeez with a tremendous inswing ball on the first ball of his ODI career. This ball of his was caught in wickets from outside the stump. In 2012, the audience was shocked to see this ball. Thanks to the superb bowling done in the Bhubaneswar debut ODI, it soon became recognized in the country. Since then Bhuvi proved himself to be many and his inswinger played a key role in India winning many matches.

However, there was a period in Bhuvi’s career when the batsmen scored fiercely due to lack of pace after the ball got old. He scored many runs in many matches, after which he was sidelined for some time. After a long time, the 28-year-old fast bowler has made an important disclosure about his speed. Bhuvneshwar recently told that he focused his attention on increasing the speed so that it could help in facing the batsmen in the final overs.

‘I was used to it’

In a conversation with Cricbuzz, Bhuvi said, ‘When I came, I could swing the ball because I played the Ranji Trophy with a red SG ball. This ball is known for its specialty of swinging, so I used to get used to it. The first year was great because my swing gave me a lot of wickets. But I did not have much speed, so the batsmen were able to play easily. Then runs started on my balls.

‘I unknowingly increased my speed’

He said, ‘At one level you feel that you need to make some changes. I felt that I also needed to increase my speed. My bowling lacks that rhythm and things are not going well. After that I started training which helped me. Unknowingly my speed increased. Let us tell you that Bhuvi, famous for inswingers, reinterpreted himself. He used a lot of variety in the bowling along with the outgoing deliveries which made the batsmen difficult to guess.

‘Struggled a lot in two series’

Bhuvi further said, ‘I struggled a lot in one or two series because I was not used to bowling at that pace. That is why the ball was not even swinging. Because I was not used to it, the body also felt an extra weight. I had to contend with some injuries too. But later I started assessing things as to what is happening and how can I come back from this. ‘

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