The International Cricket Council (ICC) annual board meeting to be held in Dubai will no longer be held due to the corona virus outbreak. The board meeting, to be held in late March, will be held via conference call to discuss some important issues. In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), many sports competitions have been canceled or held in closed doors due to the corona virus. The schools are also closed. The ICC has informed that the meeting will be held via conference call between outbreaks of the corono virus. At the same time, the plenary will be held in early May this year.

The ICC said in an official statement, ‘The board and several committees will only hold meetings without anyone’s presence to consider the much-needed decisions. The entire meeting has been rescheduled for the beginning of May. It states, “It will be reviewed continuously as per the advice of the concerned authorities as the health of the employees and the people attending the meetings are our priority.”

‘Large numbers of people don’t exist’

The Sports Ministry of India has asked all the National Sports Federations (NSFs), including BCCI, to consider the Ministry of Health advice and avoid mobilizing large number of people during sports competitions in view of the risk of infection of Corona. Sports Secretary Radhey Shyam Julania said that sports competitions could continue in the country but large number of people would not be present. Julania told PTI, “We have asked all NSFs including BCCI to follow the latest consultation of the Ministry of Health, which said that large gathering of people in all programs including sports activities should be avoided.”

More than 4 thousand people died

According to the news, more than 4,600 people have lost their lives in different countries due to Corona virus. Corona virus, which started from Wuhan, China, has reached 122 countries. The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared it an epidemic. The death toll in China is more than 35,00, which is the highest in any one country in the world.

After China, Italy has the most deaths from Corona. The death toll in Italy is around 370. 92 people have died from Corona in Iran and 32 in South Korea. At the same time, the total number of patients suffering from corona across the world is about 1,26,000. So far 73 cases have been confirmed in India while one patient has died.

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