A day after the IPL 2020 was postponed to 15 April due to Corona Virus, the IPL Governing Council met in Mumbai. In this meeting, discussions were held with all the teams about the effects and options caused by the Corona Virus on the schedule of the upcoming season. Talking to the press after the meeting, the BCCI president confirmed that this time the format of IPL will be changed and smaller than the previous season.

Ganguly said after the Governing Council meeting, this time the IPL program will be shorter. I cannot say anything about how small it will be. We are monitoring the situation and it will be reviewed every week. We want to organize IPL but we are also concerned about the safety of the people.

After the Indian Premier League was suspended for two weeks, the Governing Council meeting with the owners of eight franchise teams was discussed on Saturday to cut the number of matches. About 7 options were discussed in the meeting. Which did not include organizing IPL abroad.

IPL 13 was scheduled to be held from 29 March to 24 May as per the earlier schedule. The first match was to be played at Mumbai Wankhede Stadium between the defending champions Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings. But after the Sports Ministry issued a directive to follow the advisory issued by the Health Ministry regarding Corona Virus, the BCCI was held for about two weeks. Had to decide to carry on the program.

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