71st Republic Day: Google’s colorful doodle on Indian Republic Day, showing the diversity and harmony of the country


The doodle has many colors but blue has been given prominence.

Internet giant Google (Google) on Sunday, on the occasion of India’s 71st Republic Day, created a colorful doodle showing its diversity and cultural heritage. The doodle has many colors but blue has been given prominence. It depicts famous heritage along with pictures of famous musical instruments and dances. Google keeps making special doodles of special occasions and celebrities on its homepage.

The six letters of Google have been shown colorful and it depicts the national bird of India and the famous dance art of South India. The six letters of G-O-O-G-L-E depict the first letter ‘O’ as a peacock, while the second O depicts the face of a Kathakali dancer and the letter ‘L’ of the traditional instrumental ‘sitar’. As shown. The remaining three letters show colorful pictures of India’s life.

At the top of the background of these letters one can see the tomb of Humayun, a World Heritage Site, while India Gate is shown at the bottom and an auto rickshaw and cycle rickshaw is shown in front of it. The kite is seen flying behind the ‘logo’, while a woman is seen dancing on top of the letter ‘E’.

Meru Seth has made

Google India also tweeted a special doodle and congratulated the people on the occasion. The doodle, created by Singapore-based guest artist Meru Seth, showcases the rich cultural heritage that unites the diverse Asian continent. Google said in its description on its page that this doodle as a national bird showcases the cultural arts, textiles and dances from the fauna of India, which symbolizes unity in diversity.

Also marked the anniversary of the announcement of Purna Swaraj

It says, “It also marks the anniversary of the declaration of Purna Swaraj by the Indian National Congress in 1929. The celebration is a summary of the diversity found in one of the most populous countries in the world, which is celebrated for a period of three days with cultural events showcasing national pride. ”

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