Veteran technology company Apple has made it clear that it will accept apps related to COVID-19 only to well-known entities on its App Store. In this regard, the company has released a statement on its developer website. Apple has said that it is making clear rules for apps related to the Corona virus visiting its App Store.

Earlier this month, Apple started deleting fake apps associated with this virus to check the wrong information related to the Corona virus. According to the CNBC report, Apple rejected the apps of 4 developers, in which the number of confirmed cases of Kovid-19 were in which countries.

Will not take membership fees from selected groups
Apple said that well-known entities mean government organizations, health-focused NGOs, companies dealing with health problems and medical or educational institutions. The company has also said that it will remove the entertainment-themed app from its app store. Apple has also reiterated that it will waive its annual membership fees for distributing apps for select groups such as non-profit organizations, accredited educational institutions and government entities for free.

The whole tech industry is trying
Google has also rejected apps related to the corona virus of independent developers from its Play Store. The motive behind this step is to prevent the spread of wrong information related to this virus. Apart from this, the entire tech industry is trying on its behalf to prevent the spread of wrong information related to Kovid-19 online. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said last week that his team was working towards ensuring that everyone could get reliable and correct information. At the same time, Amazon has removed more than 10 lakh products making misleading claims.

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