Facebook’s Windows app used in Windows 10 is going to close soon. Facebook has informed its users about this by mail, telling its users. The Facebook app launched for Windows 10 has not been successful. People prefer web browsers instead. That’s why Facebook has decided to discontinue it. Facebook app will not be available for Windows 10 from February 28

If you use Facebook through a web browser on a Windows 10 computer, there will be no change. You can still get all the features of Facebook from a Windows 10 computer through a web browser.

Facebook has said, ‘For the best experience, make sure you are using the latest and updated versions of other browsers including Windows Edge’

Even though Facebook has launched its app for Windows 10, people usually use this app less often. Talking about the rating, the Facebook app in the Windows 10 Store has a rating of 3.3, while it has only 1,126 reviews.

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