If you are facing issues with UPI transaction failures, know how to get your money return


In today’s rapidly changing modern times, most things have started happening in a digital way. Digital transaction has brought a revolution in banking sector. At the same time, it has been seen that the transaction fails while transacting rupees through digital medium. Because of which money does not come back to the bank account for a long time.

It has been seen many times that after some time the transaction fails, the money is returned to the customer’s account. In some cases, the customer has to file a complaint with the bank for refund of money. For the time being, let us tell you that according to an RBI rule, if the bank does not return the money within 7 days of filing your complaint, then the bank may have to pay a fine of Rs 100 daily.

  • How to apply

If for some reason your transaction has failed while doing digital transactions, then you can file your complaint on the UPI app. To file a complaint on the UPI app, you have to click on payment history. Where you will have to register your complaint by clicking on Rage Dispute. After the complaint is filed here, the bank will investigate your complaint. Money will be returned in case the complaint is found to be correct. RBI has implemented this rule in the case of failure of the transaction from 20 September 2019.

  • In case of ATM transaction failure, apply this way

If your transaction has failed through ATM, then you will have to lodge your complaint directly with the bank within 30 days of the transaction failure. For this, you will have to file your complaint offline with the bank along with your transaction slip or slip of your account statement. At the same time, details of your ATM card will also have to be told. If the money is not returned within 7 days, you may have to fill the Annexure 5 form. After doing this, from the day you fill the form, the bank gives you the damages from that day.

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