Apart from booking railway tickets online, IRCTC  (IMudra App) has also introduced many other facilities like flight tickets, domestic and international tour packages etc. Now IRCTC has launched a new app iMudra which offers a digital card, which can be used for making payments and online shopping. The iMudra Visa card, launched in association with Federal Bank, can also be used on Indian website for shopping, money transfer and ATM withdrawal.

Transaction limit dependent on KYC status Digital cards are free in this and for physical cards, customers have to pay a fee of Rs 236 per card. However, there is no card activation fee. A customer can have a digital and physical card only. In this, the transaction limit will depend on the KYC status of the iMudra card users. Upon completion of KYC, the person can transfer money, withdraw from ATM. With this, the monthly limit of the wallet will increase to 1 lakh rupees. While at minimum KYC the user will get a monthly limit of 10 thousand.

You can do your KYC online using Aadhaar number and Aadhaar linked mobile number. With this you can also do this through offline physical verification, where the hard copy of the documents will be verified by the agent at your doorstep.

On completion of KYC, you will be able to conduct transactions for money transfer, online shopping or ATM withdrawal up to the full limit of Rs 1 lakh per month. However, for this your iMudra wallet should have sufficient amount and the other customer to whom you are sending money should also have KYC completed.

You can use your iMudra Visa card to make purchases only on Indian website. With this, shopping should be done in Indian currency only. You cannot use it for online shopping on any website outside India. While doing the online transaction, you have to choose your IRCTC iMudra Physical or Digital Card as a credit card.

You can use debit card, UPI or credit card to add money to your IRCTC iMudra wallet. To add money, you have to click on the Add Money option on your iMudra app and then you have to select the amount and proceed to load it in your wallet.

You can also book your train ticket more quickly using iMudra. For this, the use of Easy OTP will be difficult. Your OTP will be generated by clicking here. While booking a train ticket, you have to select the iMudra option inside iPay and insert the OTP generated in the app.

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