Paytm FASTag: Toll money will be deducted from the wallet itself, no separate recharge required; Learn 4 such benefits

Paytm FASTag Toll money will be deducted from the wallet itself, no separate recharge required; Learn 4 such benefits

NHAI has started toll collection at its 523 toll plaza from Fastag.

NHAI has started toll collection from FASTag at its 523 toll plaza. Now there will be only one lane on the toll plaza, where toll can be paid through other means besides fastag. On all other lanes, Fastag will pay the toll digitally. Apart from NHAI sales centers and various banks, Fastag can also be purchased from the Paytm app. So far, more than 3 million people have purchased Fastag from Paytm, which is a record. This is because of some advantages of Paytm Fastag. Let’s know about 5 such benefits…

1. Separate prepaid accounts have to be created for fastags issued by banks or NHAI. But it is not required for Paytm Fastag. Paytm wallet only comes handy. The payment of money at the toll plaza is deducted from the Paytm wallet itself and the remaining balance can be used for shopping, recharge, bill payment etc.

2. Paytm Fastag can only be obtained by providing vehicle registration number and certificate. At the same time, to take the fastag issued by other banks, the customer has to provide many documents like ID proof, photos and other personal details.

3. NHAI has made a provision of 2.5 percent cashback in the financial year 2019-20 on payment of toll plaza through Fastag. But Paytm Fastag users can also take advantage of additional monthly cashback offers.

4. Paytm Fastag buyers do not have to pay any transaction fees on any transaction done on toll plazas or adding money to the wallet. Also, they can see the digital receipt of every toll payment in the passbook section of their Paytm app.

What is FASTag

Trains do not have to stop to pay tolls through Fastag. Due to this radio frequency identification tag on the front glass of the vehicles, the toll is automatically cut digitally. Vehicle owner gets the transaction information on the registered mobile number.

How to buy Paytm FASTag from App

Search Fastag on the Paytm app or click on the ‘By Fastag’ icon.
After this, you will reach the Paytm Fastag page for Car / Jeep / Van Class 4 vehicles.
Confirm the delivery address and proceed for payment.
Paytm will be delivered free to Fastag users’ address, they do not have to pay any shipping charge.

How will activate and recharge?

Fastag is activated automatically after validation of the vehicle registration number given during the purchase of Fastag.
To recharge it, add money to your Paytm wallet. On passing the fastag lane at NHAI toll plaza, the toll will be cut automatically.
Remember that Paytm Fastag can be used for toll payments only after 20 minutes of adding money to Paytm wallet.

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