Paytm has made a big announcement in the country in the midst of Corona virus crisis. In the lockdown, people do not have any problem in booking domestic gas cylinders sitting at home, so Paytm has now started this service on its app. That is, users will now be able to book LPG cylinders from the Paytm app. For this, the company has partnered with oil marketing company Indian Oil Company Limited.

With the help of this partnership, IOCL petrol pumps will be able to pay through Paytm and book Indane gas cylinders. Indane is owned by Indian Oil.

How to order cylinder
Paytm users will have to go to the ‘Other Services’ section of the app and tap on the ‘Book a Cylinder’ icon to order an Indane cylinder. Minor details will need to be filled in the entire process and there will be no need to enter details on cylinder booking every time. The user only has to enter his consumer number or registered mobile number and the name of the gas agency.

Payment at delivery
Paytm has said in the statement that the delivery executives of IOCL will come wearing masks and gloves to protect everyone. They will be accompanied by Paytm All in One QR Code and Android PoS. Through this, customers will be able to make digital payments at the time of delivery of cylinders. Paytm has said that our PoS machine will be integrated with Indane delivery application for digital recording and updation of cylinder delivery. This machine will generate an e-invoice or physical copy of the bill.

Points will be paid on payment at petrol pumps
IOCL retail outlets ie Petrop pumps will also have an all in one Paytm QR code. Fuel-taking Paytm Wallet will be able to pay with the UPI and RuPay cards of all apps. Every customer taking fuel from the Paytm app will get points under the Indian Oil XTRAREWARDS loyalty program. They can be redeemed to buy free fuel on the Paytm app at IOCL petrol pumps. Customers can create an XtraReward account by signing up on the app.

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