These 5 trends will dominate the smartphone, you will get the best features in a low budget


The penetration of smartphones in India has increased rapidly. Along with this, the smartphone industry has also developed. The process of launching new smartphones in the Indian market continues continuously. Many companies are engaged in launching smartphones with better features than others in the market. The biggest change in innovation and features is being seen in entry-level and medium-budget smartphones. This is because in the Indian smartphone market, most people are getting attracted towards budget smartphones. Let’s know what trends will be seen in the budget smartphones market in 2020.

Big screen

The use of smartphones is also increasing rapidly among people living in India’s Tier-1 and Tier-2. People are buying smartphones for movies, videos, sports and games. Seeing this trend, the screens of smartphones will also be increased. Most companies will launch smartphones with 6.5 inch or more enlarged screens. Brightness will also be increased in these screens to give a good experience of watching videos during the day.

Thin bezel and dot in display

Smartphone makers are considering providing dot in display (punch hole display) with thin bezels in their products. Companies are taking special care to make this feature available to customers in their entry level and budget smartphones. This feature may remain one of the biggest trends in 2020 which will provide full view display for all. People wanted a viewing experience without any hindrance in the smartphone, which led to the pop-up concept. It is now expected to trend in many avatars including a motorized pop-up selfie camera, rotational rear camera and a slider.

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Powerful battery with fast charging

In the smartphone market, the focus of customers is now on more powerful batteries so that the phone can be charged quickly. In 2020, 6000 mAh battery will be available with fast charging support in maximum entry level and budget smartphones.

Quad camera setup

Triple budget cameras were seen in the new budget smartphones in 2019. To improve camera performance this year, quad camera setup will be seen in budget smartphones which were present only in premium and more budget phones, now it will be popular in budget smartphones. The quad camera setup will focus on more pixels, zoom, depth of focus and wide angle so that customers get a DSLR-like photography experience and work better in low light conditions.

Use of artificial intelligence

The use of artificial intelligence will also increase in smartphones. The role of AI from photography to user interface will give customers a smarter and better experience. With its entry-level and mid-budget smartphone segment coming, it will remain a big trend in the budget smartphone industry in the future.

(By Arijeet Talapatra, CEO, TRANSION India)

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