Netflix is ​​making new efforts in India to get more subscribers. Last year, the company introduced a Rs 199 mobile only plan in India. Now the company is testing a new offer. Under this new offer, new users will get one month subscription of Netflix in just Rs 5. But this offer will be only for select users.

Under this offer, new users who sign up for Netflix membership will get the first month’s subscription for Rs 5. At the same time, after the first month is over, users will have to pay the charges according to the selected plan.

This offer has been released from February 21 and the Netflix says that not all members will get the benefit of this promotional offer. This promotional offer is valid for all Netflix subscription plans. In this case, whether you buy a mobile only plan of Rs 199 or the most expensive plan of Rs 799 per month, you will get the first month subscription for Rs 5 only.

Let us tell you that despite all these offers, Netflix still offers the most expensive subscription plans in India. Amazon Prime Video is made available by Amazon at the rate of Rs 129 per month. Also, in this subscription, Amazon Prime Music also benefits users. The good thing about this subscription is that there is no restriction for video resolution in any plan. On the other hand, the monthly premium plan in India is offered by Hotstar for Rs 199.

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