Sky-High Innovation Unleashed: IIT-Madras’ Electric Flying Taxi Soars to New Heights, Capturing Anand Mahindra’s Acclaim

Sky-High Innovation Unleashed IIT-Madras’ Electric Flying Taxi Soars to New Heights, Capturing Anand Mahindra’s Acclaim

Anand Mahindra Applauds IIT-Madras’ Trailblazing Electric Flying Taxi

In an electrifying development, the Indian Institute of Technology Madras has been spotlighted by Anand Mahindra, the visionary chairman of the Mahindra Group. The institution’s latest venture, an innovative electric flying taxi, has soared into the limelight, earning high praise for its pioneering spirit and technological prowess.

IIT-Madras Soars with Electric Flying Taxi, Gains High-Flying Praise from Anand Mahindra

The buzz began with Mahindra’s tweet, where he celebrated the institute’s bold journey into aerial mobility. “Next year will mark the ascent of IIT Madras’ electric flying taxi,” he shared, signaling a new era of Indian innovation. His message resonated, quickly amassing over 190,000 views and sparking a flurry of excited commentary.

Mahindra’s commendation is more than just words; it’s a testament to India’s burgeoning incubator culture. With IIT Madras at the helm, the nation is shedding its image as an innovation desert, instead blooming into a fertile ground for audacious ideas and limitless potential.

The electric flying taxi project is not just a flight of fancy—it’s a beacon of India’s intellectual capital. This week, IIT Madras announced a record-breaking fundraising haul of ₹513 crore, with pledges soaring to ₹717 crore, fueling the dreams of tomorrow’s pioneers.

IIT-Madras’ Electric Flying Taxi: A Leap into the Future, Championed by Anand Mahindra

As IIT Madras’ electric flying taxi prepares for takeoff, it’s clear that the skies are no longer the limit. With Anand Mahindra’s endorsement, this groundbreaking project is set to redefine the boundaries of innovation and inspire a generation of dreamers to reach for the stars.


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