Kareena Kapoor Elevates to UNICEF’s New Ambassador: Vows to Revolutionize Indian Education

Kareena Kapoor Takes Charge as UNICEF’s New Ambassador

Kareena Kapoor’s New Role: A Beacon for Change in India

Mumbai: Bollywood’s leading lady, Kareena Kapoor, steps into a powerful role as the newly appointed ambassador for UNICEF in India. With a career decorated with six Filmfare Awards and a reputation as one of the highest-paid actresses, Kapoor now channels her influence towards championing social causes.

Championing Child-Friendly Education for 15 Years

Advocacy for Learning: Kareena Kapoor has been a stalwart supporter of UNICEF India’s mission for quality education. Since 2014, her voice has amplified the call for child-friendly schooling, advocating for the inclusion of secondary education within the Right to Education.

Kareena Kapoor’s Vision: Quality Education as a Fundamental Right

Empowering the Future: Kapoor asserts, “Quality education is the basic right of every child.” Her advocacy underscores the importance of moving beyond mere access to education, focusing on the Right to Learn and fostering environments conducive to learning.

Inspiring Independence and Learning Role Model: As an icon of independence and success, Kareena Kapoor inspires young girls at the crossroads of education and societal pressures. Her involvement in the film ‘3 Idiots’ highlighted the flaws in India’s education system, and now, she continues to advocate for a system that nurtures the joy of learning.


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