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Shocking! Delhi High Court Exposes Kejriwal Government’s Failure: Children Left Without Books in Schools!

High Court Slams Kejriwal Government Children Left Without Books

Delhi High Court has reprimanded the Kejriwal government and the Delhi Municipal Corporation (MCD) for not providing books and other basic necessities to children in their schools. Let’s delve into this educational saga.

High Court Slams Kejriwal Government: Children Left Without Books

The Missing Pages: A Violation of Rights

In the heart of the capital, where dreams bloom, a stark reality unfolds. The Delhi Government and the MCD have faltered in their duty—to provide essential facilities to schoolchildren. The constitutional right to education hangs in the balance. The High Court’s gavel falls.

Education Unhindered: A Judicial Mandate

The court’s message is clear: No child’s education should suffer due to bureaucratic inertia. The absence of a standing committee or political disputes cannot impede the distribution of textbooks, uniforms, and other essentials. The court’s verdict echoes through the corridors of power.

Kejriwal’s Personal Decision: A National Conundrum

Arvind Kejriwal’s decision to cling to the Chief Minister’s post despite his arrest is deemed a “personal choice.” But the court asserts that national interest demands otherwise. The wheels of governance must turn, and children’s futures cannot be collateral damage.

The MCD Commissioner’s Charge: Swift Action Required

The MCD Commissioner receives a directive: Act swiftly. Books and uniforms must reach the eager hands of schoolchildren. The court’s order transcends financial limits—Rs 5 crore is a mere threshold. The urgency of education knows no bounds.

A History of Stalled Business: The MCD House

The court takes judicial notice—the MCD House has languished in inaction. The wheels of governance grind slowly, but the children’s needs are immediate. The court’s rebuke is unambiguous.

Fundamental Rights and Urgency: A Legal Mandate

Receipt of textbooks, writing materials, and uniforms isn’t just a legal right; it’s a fundamental right under the RTE Act and Article 21A of the Constitution. The court’s words resonate: The students’ plight cannot be ignored.

In Conclusion: A Lesson in Priorities

The Delhi High Court’s verdict—a call to action. The Kejriwal government, the MCD, and the children—they await their textbooks, their futures, and their rights.

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