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Schools in Chaos! Delhi & Noida Evacuated After Widespread Bomb Threats

Schools in Chaos! Delhi & Noida Evacuated After Widespread Bomb Threats

Panic in the Capital: Delhi & Noida Schools Evacuated as Bomb Threats Spark Chaos

Wednesday morning in Delhi and Noida turned into a scene straight out of a nightmare. A wave of bomb threats sent shivers down the spines of parents and school staff alike, forcing the evacuation of at least 12 schools across the National Capital Region (NCR).

A Flurry of Fear: From Phone Calls to Emails, Threats Target Multiple Schools

The threats arrived in various forms, with some schools receiving phone calls while others found emails claiming the presence of bombs within their premises. Names like Dwarka DPS School, Sanskriti School, Mother Mary School, and even Noida’s DPS found themselves in the crosshairs of this unsettling situation.

Swift Action: Police, Bomb Squads, and Evacuation Drills Take Center Stage

Thankfully, school administrations and authorities reacted swiftly. Delhi Police, along with bomb disposal squads and fire brigades, rushed to the affected schools. Evacuation drills were efficiently executed, ensuring the safety of students and staff.

A Day of Disruption: Exams Postponed, Classes Cancelled

The disruption caused by the threats wasn’t limited to just the morning panic. Scholar badge examinations at Dwarka DPS were postponed by a day, while other schools also faced cancellations of tests, activities, and events.

Unanswered Questions: Was it a Hoax or a Malicious Attempt?

While investigations are still ongoing, authorities suspect the possibility of a hoax. However, the incident highlights the vulnerability of educational institutions and the need for robust security measures.

Relief and Caution: A Reminder of Vigilance

As parents picked up their children and the situation calmed down, a sense of relief washed over the affected communities. However, the incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of vigilance and preparedness for such situations.

The Delhi government has already issued an advisory urging schools to be extra cautious and ensure timely checks on official email addresses. This incident underscores the need for open communication between schools, parents, and authorities to maintain a safe learning environment.



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