Home National Mahadev Satta App Scandal Unveiled: India Head Nabbed, Shocking Revelations Emerge

Mahadev Satta App Scandal Unveiled: India Head Nabbed, Shocking Revelations Emerge

Mahadev Satta App Scandal Unveiled India Head Nabbed, Shocking Revelations Emerge

Raipur: The Mahadev Satta App saga takes a dark turn as the net tightens around its key players. The latest arrest by the Uttar Pradesh Special Task Force (STF) has sent shockwaves through the underworld. Abhay Singh, the alleged India head of Mahadev Book and other betting apps, stands accused of embezzling billions.

Dubai’s Web of Deceit

Behind the scenes, Abhay Singh’s cousin, Abhishek, orchestrates the Mahadev Satta App network from Dubai. The modus operandi? A labyrinth of 4,000 SIM cards dispatched from India to Dubai under the guise of 32 fake companies. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Over 10,000 unsuspecting youth were lured to Dubai, promised jobs, and unwittingly became pawns in this grand deception.

The SIM Card Shuffle

Abhay spills the beans during his interrogation. His aunt’s son, Abhishek Singh, masterminded the operation. The plan? Enlist poor and illiterate locals to buy SIM cards in their names. In return, they’d receive a monthly salary of Rs 25,000. The twist? These SIMs were shuffled between companies, their UPC codes exchanged like contraband. Each activation earned a cool Rs 2,000 commission.

The Corporate Cover-Up

As the web of deceit thickened, corporate SIMs entered the picture. Registered under fake company names, these SIMs were the linchpin. Chetan, a Bhilai resident working with Abhishek, provided the fake documents and Aadhaar cards. Shubham Soni supervised the network, activating 150 to 200 SIMs monthly, all destined for Dubai. But beware—the rules are changing. From February 2024, corporate SIMs require employee KYC alongside company details.



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