Palki Sharma’s Bold Speech at Oxford Union: India’s Transformation Under PM Modi’s Leadership

Palki Sharma’s Bold Speech at Oxford Union

New Delhi: Palki Sharma, the renowned journalist and current managing editor of Firstpost, has become a sensation after her powerful speech at the Oxford Union. Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself praised her eloquence and insights. But who is Palki Sharma, and what did she say that has everyone talking?

Who Is Palki Sharma?

Palki Sharma’s credentials speak volumes. As an expert in foreign affairs, she has navigated complex global issues. Her viral speech, though a year old, continues to resonate. But it’s not just her credentials that have people buzzing—it’s the substance of her words.

India’s New Vision

In her address, Palki Sharma began by quoting White House National Security Communications Advisor John Kirby from June 2023. His advice? “Go to New Delhi and see for yourself.” And see she did. Sharma highlighted three pivotal developments in India:

  1. Financial Inclusion: India’s strides toward financial inclusion have empowered millions. No longer are important policies and positions abandoned due to self-doubt.
  2. Internet and Mobile Access: The digital revolution has reached every corner. India’s connectivity is no longer a luxury but a necessity.
  3. Airport Traffic: Air travel is booming, symbolizing India’s upward trajectory.

India: A Soft-Power Giant

Palki Sharma boldly declared that India is no longer a timid democracy. It no longer tolerates terrorism or betrayal. She recalled the Indian Air Force’s strikes in Balakot after the Pulwama attack, sending a clear message: India gives a befitting reply.

Palki Sharma’s Bold Speech at Oxford Union: India’s Transformation Under PM Modi’s Leadership

Empowering the People

Sharma emphasized that the government now focuses on empowering citizens rather than merely putting money in their pockets. India’s soft power extends beyond its borders. Papua New Guinea’s Prime Minister, James Marape, touching PM Modi’s feet symbolized gratitude for India’s vaccine diplomacy during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Separating Agenda from Reality

Palki Sharma urged everyone to judge India based on its own merits. There’s no one right path, but as long as democracy and the Constitution are respected, each country deserves its own respect. The mark of the right direction? Public approval. And in 2019, the people of India answered that question.


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