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PM Electrifying Charge Against ‘Vote Jihad’: Will It Ignite a Political Firestorm

PM Electrifying Charge Against 'Vote Jihad'

In Anand, Gujarat, PM Narendra Modi gave a powerful speech. He talked about the Congress party and mentioned Pakistan too. Modi asked Congress to promise not to change the rules to give special treatment based on religion. He also talked about something called ‘vote jihad’ which he said was bad for the country. Modi said that Pakistan seems to want Congress to win in India, and he promised to keep India safe and strong.

Modi’s Three Big Asks 

Modi asked Congress to write down three promises:

  1. Not to give special treatment to Muslims just because of their religion.
  2. To keep the current rules that help the SC-ST and OBC communities.
  3. To promise that in places where Congress is in charge, they won’t play politics with people’s votes.

What’s ‘Vote Jihad’? 

Modi said someone related to a Congress leader used the term ‘vote jihad’. He said this term is dangerous and that Congress should have said it was wrong. He thinks Congress wants to get all Muslims to vote for them as one group.

Pakistan and Congress? 

Modi said that when Congress gets weaker in India, people in Pakistan get upset. He said that Pakistan wants Congress to win in India. He compared his government’s actions against terrorism to the previous government’s, saying his government is stronger and better for India.

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