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PM Modi’s Profound Service at Patna Sahib: An Inspiring Gesture of Unity and Devotion

PM Modi’s Profound Service at Patna Sahib An Inspiring Gesture of Unity and Devotion

Unity in Service: PM Modi’s Heartfelt Obeisance and Langar Seva at Patna Sahib

In a heartwarming display of reverence, Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the sacred Takht Sri Harmandir Sahib Gurdwara in Patna. Adorned with a Sikh turban, he paid his respects and partook in the langar, embodying the spirit of communal harmony and devotion.

The Prime Minister’s visit was not just a formality; it was a profound act of humility. He served langar to the devotees, standing shoulder to shoulder with the community, reinforcing the message that service knows no rank.

In the Spirit of Seva: PM Modi’s Visit to Patna Sahib Reflects India’s Unity!

This historic visit marks the first time a sitting Prime Minister has participated in langar seva at Patna Sahib, a gesture that resonates with the core values of Sikhism and the inclusive ethos of India.

Amidst tight security, the Prime Minister’s schedule culminated with this visit, leaving a lasting impression of unity and respect for India’s rich religious traditions.

PM Modi Embraces Humility at Patna Sahib: A Symbolic Act of Devotion

Prime Minister Modi’s actions at Patna Sahib go beyond mere symbolism; they are a powerful reminder of India’s strength in diversity and the respect for all faiths that is woven into the fabric of the nation.



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