Rahul Gandhi’s Bold Millionaire Dream: Unveiling Congress’s Visionary Blueprint for India’s Prosperity!

Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi Vows to Create Millions of Lakhpatis, Challenges Modi’s Vision for India

New Delhi: In a bold declaration, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has promised to transform millions of Indians into lakhpatis, directly challenging Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s economic policies. Gandhi’s vision for an affluent India stands in stark contrast to the current administration’s approach, which he claims has led to widespread inequality and fear.

Rahul Gandhi’s Rally Cry: A Fair India for All

At a recent rally, Gandhi accused Modi of creating an “unjust capital” in India. He asserts that Modi fears the upcoming general elections slipping from his grasp, especially with controversies like the electoral bond issue looming over the BJP.

The Battle for Democracy: Congress vs. BJP

Gandhi emphasizes the need to protect democracy and the constitution, suggesting that Modi represents the billionaires, not the poor. He questions Modi’s stance on caste, pointing out the contradictions in his statements when faced with demands for a caste-based census.

A New Era of Prosperity: Congress’s Pledge

The Congress leader promises that if the opposition Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance’ (INDIA) comes to power, it will create “crores of lakhpatis.” He highlights the Mahalakshmi Scheme, which aims to provide financial support to poor households, and apprenticeship opportunities for degree and diploma holders.

From Demonetization to Farmer’s Debt: Gandhi’s Critique

Gandhi criticizes the Modi government for policies like demonetization and GST, which he claims have only benefited a few billionaires. He vows to establish a commission for farmers that will recommend debt forgiveness when necessary and ensure legal guarantees for minimum support prices for crops.


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