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50% Cap from Reservation to be removed: Rahul Gandhi’s Bold Vision revealed in Ratlam Rally

Ratlam Rally Reveals Rahul Gandhi’s Bold Vision for Reservation revealed in the Ratlam Rally

Ratlam Rally Reveals Rahul Gandhi’s Bold Vision for Reservation Overhau

In a groundbreaking announcement that could redefine the political landscape, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi unveiled plans to revolutionize reservation quotas in India. Speaking at a vibrant rally in Ratlam, Gandhi promised a seismic shift away from the current 50% cap, pledging to expand opportunities for Dalits and backward classes.

Congress to Champion Constitutional Change for Reservation Rights

Amidst the fervor of the Lok Sabha elections, Gandhi’s speech resonated with a powerful message: the Congress party is set to champion a constitutional amendment. This bold move aims to safeguard the rights of marginalized communities, ensuring they receive their fair share of representation.

Caste-Based Census: A Tool for Transparency and Transformation

Gandhi reiterated his support for a caste-based census, a measure he believes will lay bare the realities faced by India’s diverse populations. This initiative is poised to pivot the direction of Indian politics, shining a light on the conditions of the people.

Safeguarding the Constitution: A Rallying Cry for the Congress

The Congress stalwart didn’t mince words when he declared the current elections a battle to protect the Constitution from those who wish to dismantle it. Gandhi’s rallying cry underscored the party’s commitment to preserving the rights enshrined within, particularly for tribals, Dalits, and OBCs.

Empowerment Through Enhanced Reservation: A Promise to the People

Gandhi’s vision extends beyond mere words; he envisions an India where reservation is not just protected but enhanced. Dismissing fears of reservation being revoked, he assured the public that the Congress would work tirelessly to increase the quota beyond 50%, tailoring it to the needs of each community.

The Mahalakshmi Scheme: Crafting a Future of Prosperity

In a bid to transform lives, Gandhi introduced the Mahalakshmi scheme, a revolutionary program designed to lift families out of poverty. With a promise of Rs 1 lakh annually to impoverished women, the scheme represents a beacon of hope for millions.

Strengthening Farmer Support and Rural Wages

The Congress’s agenda also includes robust support for farmers, with plans to enact laws ensuring a minimum support price (MSP) for agricultural produce. Additionally, Gandhi announced a significant wage increase under the MNREGA, boosting daily earnings from Rs 250 to Rs 400.

This comprehensive approach to reservation reform and social welfare signifies a pivotal moment in India’s journey towards equality and prosperity. With these initiatives, the Congress party aims to reshape the nation’s future, one policy at a time.



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